How To Advertise On Facebook In 2020? Part 1

Facebook is an online platform that has 2.3 billion monthly active users. It is an important digital advertising platform because of the large presence of users from all over the world. Advertising on Facebook seems super easy. You log in to your account, write a post and post it. But it is not that easy!

If you want the posts to provide certain results, you first need to know how Facebook advertising works. In the background, several important factors influence who will see your ad and how many people this ad will reach.

You can check a quick summary of 4 ideas that will make your ads visible and effective:

  1. Create your Facebook Business account that lets you keep track of all the activities on your post. You can see likes, comments and the number of clicks on the post. You should also create an Ad Account that includes all of your campaigns, ads and also information about your budget.
  1. Add Facebook Pixel to your website. This gives you the ability to find out who is visiting your site and you can retarget them on Facebook.
  1. Reach your target audience. There are 2.3 billion active Facebook users and most of them aren’t interested in your product or service. Luckily, you can target just your ideal audiences.
  1. Make a gorgeous ad. The Facebook ads give you the ability to combine great copy with engaging visuals to produce high-converting ads.

These are four basic steps that will help you with your Facebook advertising. In the next article, we will focus on the types of Facebook ads and we will also give you five tips for more effective Facebook ads.

HOW TO ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK IN 2020?If you need any help with Facebook advertising, please contact us. We will be happy to make your ads visible!

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