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Where is 4Future Agency office space located?

Our offices are located in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. We are currently expanding and looking to open office space in the US as well.

Why 4Future - what does it mean?

Our name is representing what we stand for – marketing 4 (for) Future. We are constantly looking at developing new approaches and solutions for projects. We are also proud to say we always test on our own projects before implementing strategies. Sometimes our clients join the test as well!

Do you work internationally?

Yes. We work closely with a translation agency providing HQ translations for over 100 countries. Right now, our marketing campaigns are active in over 30 countries. We have generated a sale or a lead in 30+ countries worldwide, including (but not limited to) USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Italy and many more.

Do you work with any company?

No. We prefer to pick with whom we work. Our clients need to have a clear message and offer. We also want our clients to have integrity and belief in their product. If our team believes in your product as well, we are usually a good match! You can schedule a call here and we can figure out if we are a match or not!

How much are 4Future Agency fees?

Our fees are custom-tailored to all of our clients needs. We have a set pricing that you are presented with on the meeting, but we almost always custom it based on your needs. We work either on retainer or result based (paid by result). You can also “buy” a set of hours that you can then use them in your own convinience. Monthly retainers can vary from $200-$10.000.

I have very small budget, can I still work with you?

Yes! We have multiple options even for lower budgets. You can purchase a package of hours, consulting or just a one on one session where you’ll learn to do it yourself. Our lowest retainer package starts at mere $200/month, which is also a great entry level package!

I would like to do marketing on my own, but I do need some guidance. How can I procced?

Perfect. Congratulations for choosing this path. You are more than welcomed to reach out to our representatives and we’ll fix you up with a consulting package, that will help you boost your knowledge to the point you’ll be able to single handedly manage basic campaigns.

What are some of the goals you achieved for your clients?

Good question. Below are just some of the results. 


  1. Increase inquries for a B2B company for 800% in 30 days after starting working with us
  2. Set a companies business model for digital marketing, that is set to make multiple 7 figures in 2019/2020 (that’s a whooping 400% increase compared to a year before)
  3. Sold a product for a start-up company to over 30 countries worldwide within 3 months of their launch — all through PRE-SALE
  4. Turned a smaller budget client of $9000/year into astonishing $90.000+ in sales through online marketing (in a small market!)
  5. Incresed a surgeons applications for 1600%+ within days of starting the project (from 2/week to 2-3/day!!)


These are just some of the numbers, but tell you what – hop on a call with our team and let’s see if we can do some magic for you as well!

Is 4Future Agency a “one-stop-shop” when it comes to Digital Marketing Solutions?

Absolutely. This is actually one of our main competitive advantage and our CEOs vision. To have everything under the same roof. We don’t outsource ANYTHING. From video creation to landing pages, from graphics to ppc, all is done inside our walls. Pay us a visit and see for yourself!

How many years of experience does team 4Future has?

4Future team is still extremely young. Our average age of a team member is 25 years old! But that doesn’t mean we don’t have any experience. Between all the team members, there’s over 25 years of experience. Our CEO Vid Sedej has over 8 years of experience in business, sales and marketing.

I am not sure my business is ready for digital marketing, what can I do?

Don’t worry. Not all companies are. Imagine if we bring you 1000 new leads, would you be able to handle them? Probably not. That is why we estimate the capabilites of your business, find weaknesses and opportunities prior to launcihng our first campaign. Get in touch with our representatives here and you’ll have the answer to your question in no time.

What kind of pricing structure is available?

We work either on retainer or result based (paid by result). You can also “buy” a set of hours that you can then use them in your own convinience.

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